François Tanguay

François  Tanguay

François Tanguay

CEO, nventive

Firstname: François

Lastname: Tanguay

Title: CEO

Company: nventive

Country: Canada

About François

Francois Tanguay is the CEO and founder of nventive, a digital experience agency founded in 2008 with a family over 120 passionate individuals. nventive strives to create smarter digital experiences, forged with strategy, creativity, design, and technology. From discovery to deployment, we value collaboration in an innovation-centric environment that shapes engaging stories crafted for humans. Before founding nventive, Francois was helping large banks and insurance companies manage change towards more agile processes. He also participated in the software architecture of the Enterprise Library framework and Unity container for the Patterns and Practices team at Microsoft. For the last 20 years, has been heavily involved in the local community as a technical speaker for mobile development and agile processes.