Secure AKS at Deployment

Secure AKS at Deployment

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Secure AKS at Deployment

AKS is nice and integrates with Azure AD easily. In this session, we will deploy an AKS Cluster with RBAC and integration to Azure AD enabled and demonstrate how to secure access. We will also deploy roles, namespace, Network Policies and other stuff in Kubernetes to make the environment ready for multiple users / Projects Terraform deployment for Azure stuff AND Kubernetes


David Frappart

Core Team Cloud & Infra, Devoteam France

Cloud architect for Devoteam since 6 years. IT guys since 15 years. Likes IaC with Hashicorp Terraform and all the Azure landscape

  • France

Florent Appointaire

CloudOps, Cloud Solution Architect, Devoteam

Florent Appointaire is working @ Devoteam CloudOps, in Belgium, as freelance. He is MVP in the Cloud and Datacenter Management category. He is MCSE Private Cloud and Hyper-V certified. He is enthusiast about Microsoft technologies, particularly wit...

  • Belgium