Turn specs into high quality apps

We’ve all been there: the specifications are created, you start building the app and eventually it turns out you’ve missed some important scenarios. ATDD/Specification by Example might have saved you to get some earlier insight about those scenarios.

After building the fully accepted app, you deploy it to the App Stores. You might get 1-star reviews from people claiming the app keeps crashing. Couldn’t you have prevented that?

By combining the power of Specification by Example & testing this fully automatically on hundreds of physical devices in the cloud, you can! All of this, while still maintaining a continuous delivery workflow, will achieve some great, high quality apps. During this presentation I'll show some actual scenario's from the working field, sharing some best practices and how this can work for your project too.

Objective: Learn about ATDD and utilise it to create high quality mobile apps that work everywhere and can empower your DevOps/continuous delivery workflow.

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Level Level 100





Marco Kuiper
Marco Kuiper