10 methods to make developers happy

10 methods to make developers happy

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10 methods to make developers happy

A company without good developers is like code without unit test: at one time or another, it will not work anymore.   So it becomes imperative, if not vital, to attract the best of them, but also to know how to keep them within their company. If this is simple to say, getting it right and maintaining such an attractive context is not easy.   Are you wondering how to create a development environment that encourages developers to do their best and make progress every day? You also want to ensure the consistency of technological developments while allowing teams to test the latest news and having a technological roadmap to follow?   Within our respective companies, we were able to take an active part in the animation of the developer communities and in the setting up of their working environment. We want to share our discoveries, our experiences and our convictions.


Cyril Lakech

Tech-leader, Axa

Passionné par le métier de développeur, je suis un hacktiviste du software craftsmanship et des méthodes agiles, convaincu par l'approche devops et par la diversité des devs comme gage de qualité. Co-fondateur du Ch'ti JUG en 2009, j'anime la commun...

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Damien Cavaillès

Fondateur, WeLoveDevs.com

We help developers to find their dream job with an interactive experience powered by user-curated content and machine learning.

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