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To have the most memorable experience this year, we have to specify the terms and conditions relating to compliance with health standards. For the next edition of DevDay, the Covid Safe Ticket will apply. The verification will be carried out outside the building, before entering the Cinescope.

What is the Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

The Covid Safe Ticket is a new system for event planners to use. Thanks to this ticket, participants do not need to wear a mask or respect the distance of 1.5 m. The Covid Safe Ticket uses the same QR-code as the European Covid certificate.

What are the criteria for obtaining the CST?

To be able to apply for a valid Covid Safe Ticket, you must meet one of the following conditions:

You have a vaccination certificate (complete vaccination for more than two weeks); You have a healing certificate dated less than 6 months (you have recovered from a Covid-19 infection); You recently obtained a negative result in a PCR test (valid only on the day of the test and 48 hours after); You recently had a negative result in a rapid antigen test (only valid on the day of the test).

How do I get the CST?

There are several ways to get the QR code:

Via the CovidSafeBE application (on smartphone). Via sites such as Masanté.be or MyHealthViewer.

How is the CST control carried out?

At the DevDay access control, someone will check your QR-code with the COVIDscanBE application before you enter the building. Important: you must be able to present a valid identity document (identity card, driving license) to prove that the Covid Safe Ticket is indeed yours.

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