Damola Adekoya

Damola Adekoya

Damola Adekoya

About Damola

Damola is a software engineer at Interswitch. He is passionate about software development, web performance, and accessibility, he writes code on both frontend and backend, sometimes on mobile development (flutter). When he is not writing code he likes to watch movies and play the piano.

Flutter Beyond UI: Architecting your application with BLOC

Flutter is a framework that is flexible that allows you to do structure your application the way you like, it doesn't have a specific design pattern or architecture to follow, but if care is not taking someone can write a spaghetti codebase i.e a codebase without structure or maybe follow a bad practice. In my session, I will be talking about how you can structure your application by following BLOC (Business Logic Component) Architectural pattern which will make the codebase more structured, testable, maintainable and scalable


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