David Catuhe

David Catuhe

David Catuhe

About David

Developer and Digital Creator

I'm French, husband of a wonderful wife and dad of a wonderful girl.

I love playing World of Warcraft (Alliance Frost Mage).

I collect Lego about Star Wars and Magic the Gathering cards.

My main passion has always been with creation.

I created Babylon.js, a powerful yet simple 3D engine for the web.

I also created Urzagatherer, a tool for Magic the Gathering players and collectors

My day to day job is Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft where I drive the Babylon.js team and the Stream Web Client team.

Real-time photo-realistic 3D rendering with Babylon.js 4.2

During this session, we will go through the creation of a complete scene using out of the box tools available with Babylon.js 4.2. The scene will be included in a react host to demonstrate how to integrate 3d into any website. You will learn how to use Babylon.js and its tools to harness the raw power that lives inside your devices.


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