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Marc Stern

Marc Stern

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Marc Stern, Cyber Security Consulting Director

Marc has worked as a cyber security expert for more than 25 years and has an impressive personal track record in Public Key Infrastructures and smart card-based systems for eID applications. He is also one of the European leaders in the field of Web application security.

Following his role as Lead Architect for the Belgian electronic identity card (e‑ID), Marc became Architect and Lead of the Security Group for the STORK project, establishing a European eID Interoperability Platform that will enable citizens to establish new e‑relations across borders.

Prior to his position at Approach, Marc led the Security Service Line at DXC (formerly known as CSC). He was also a Software Engineer at Philips and Texas Instruments.

Marc holds an MSc in Electromechanical Engineering. He is a certified ICT professional: Cyber-Security Manager (ISO27032 Lead Cyber security Manager), Security Auditor (ISO 27001 Lead Auditor) and ITIL, Risk Manager (CRISC from the ISACA).

How to no break OpenID Connect?

OpenID Connect has become a widely adopted standard for authentication and authorization in the digital environment. However, despite its widespread usage, the security of OpenID Connect implementations can be compromised due to vulnerabilities that can be exploited. At Approach, our intrusion testing services have uncovered numerous instances of security bypass and theft of real user credentials. In this presentation, our security experts will provide a technical overview of these vulnerabilities and offer practical, actionable advice on how to mitigate the associated risks and secure your OpenID Connect implementation. Topics will include real-world examples of security bypass, best practices for verifying the authenticity of identity providers, and secure storage and transmission of tokens. By attending this presentation, developers will gain a deeper understanding of the technicalities involved in securing OpenID Connect and learn how to build a secure and resilient authentication and authorization system.


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