Sébastien Pertus

Sébastien Pertus

Sébastien Pertus

About Sébastien

Software Engineer @ Microsoft, in the Commercial Software Engineering team (CSE), I'm helping our strategic customers in their Path-to-the-Cloud.

I'm used to be a software developer on technologies like .NET, Node.JS, Xamarin & MAUI, SQL, React...

Everything I do & develop is mainly open sourced.

In my daily Job, I work a lot on subjects around big data, Devops, Containers, .NET applications.

Previously Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft France, in charge of everything related to .NET dev platform, especially developed and deployed in Azure.

During that time, I was leading OSS ecosystem, around Node.JS / Java / JavaScript, where I met exceptional people.

Speaker at Devoxx be & fr, Microsoft Expériences (ex Techdays) since 2005, Eclipsecon, BDX.IO, SnowCamp.io and several DevFests in France (Nantes, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse ...)

MAUI, Web API, emulator and disconnected mode

MAUI is the new way to build mobile application. We'll see in this session how to build a MAUI application, using a Web API running on ASP.NET, connected to a database, and your local Android emulator. We'll see how to handle correctly the localhost network to be able to debug your application using Kestrell. Once it's done, we will build a disconnected application using Dotmim.Sync and a local SQLite database, to ensure your application will continue working without any internet network. Eventually, we will deploy the application the Web Api, using Azure App Services and Azure SQL Database (or Azure Postgres Database)


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