Sebastien Stormacq

Sebastien Stormacq

Sebastien Stormacq

  • Developer Advocate, AWS France

About Sebastien

As Technical Evangelist @ AWS, Seb is inspiring builders to unlock the value of the AWS cloud, using his secret blend of passion, enthusiasm, customer advocacy, curiosity and creativity.

S├ębastien worked for the last 20+ years with large enterprises and startups alike to help them to transform their business requirements into technical solutions, to unlock the value of software, mobile applications and to scale systems to meet customer demand. Before joining the Evangelist team, he built & lead the AWS Technical Training team in EMEA, then he built & lead the Alexa Solution Architecture team in UK, France, Italy and Spain.

OAuth Demystified

Are you lost when reading about OAuth implicit grants vs. code grants? Are you always struggling to understand the difference between Amazon Cognito user pools and Amazon Cognito federated identities? And how your corporate Active Directory fits into that picture? During this chalk talk, we demystify identity federation and whiteboard the main flows, allowing you to understand how to leverage these services to bring identity federation to your web or mobile applications.


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