Julien Dubois

Julien Dubois

Julien Dubois

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Java Developer Advocacy manager


  • Lead developer of


Kick-start your Java applications with JHipster

In this live-coding session, we'll generate a new application using the latest JHipster release, explore the most common options and tools, and deploy it to the cloud. JHipster is used by tens of thousands of developers around the world as a base for starting their projects. During this session, we'll explore what makes it so successful: great developer experience, end-to-end project lifecycle support, and an awesome community. To achieve this, we'll code a fully functional application from scratch, and deploy it to the cloud: we'll see how JHipster manages database updates, Spring Boot components, Angular code, integration tests, as well as cloud deployment tools. Feedback on this session will be highly appreciated, as JHipster is all about making developers happy, and the project team is always keen on getting new ideas and recommendations.


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