From mixed reality to quantum computing

From mixed reality to quantum computing

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From mixed reality to quantum computing

Our digital world is undergoing a major transformation and is on the verge of two major upheavals. Of course, this will have a major impact on our job as a developer. The first, already visible in large part, is linked to the arrival of Mixed Reality. Discovered thanks to the HoloLens from Microsoft, the platform is being extended with new "immersive" helmets. We will discuss how to define the AR, VR & MR terms and their associated usage scenarios. We will also see how to address each of these realities as an application developer. These new realities will potentially require much more computing power. We will then slide towards a revolution approaching which has an immense potential: quantum computing. We will attempt to explain why we need to have this gigantic paradigm shift as the Moore's law is almost dead. What is a quantum computer? What can it do differently from a conventional computer? How to code a quantum algorithm? These are some of the questions that we'll try to resolve together.


David Rousset

Program Manager, Microsoft

David is a Program Manager for Microsoft Corp working for the Windows PAX division. He’s in charge of helping developers and partners to target the Windows platform, whether it’s through UWP, Unity or web technologies. He is the co-creator of babylon...

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