Rapid prototyping using Angular and AngularFire

Rapid prototyping using Angular and AngularFire

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Rapid prototyping using Angular and AngularFire

Create a simple functional prototype in 30 minutes using Angular (+ cli) and Firebase. In this talk I will introduce the audience to Firebase/AngularFire and then will create a simple app like a twitter clone complete with sign up, login, listing tweets, adding them and liking them and deploy the app on Firebase. The idea behind the talk is to show how clean and easy it is to develop the apps once you have a good hold on the framework, and vast productivity gains you get from it. This extends on the principles of Lean methodology which we use heavily in house for our development with different startups.


Mashhood Rastgar

Technical Lead, Recurship

I am a full stack developer leading a Javascript consultancy. We help build prototypes and MVPs for different clients all over the world. My day to day responsibility includes leading on the technical front for all the different projects we are worki...

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