CosmosDB - from zero to hero

CosmosDB - from zero to hero

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Level 200
  • Azure
  • Cosmos DB


DevDay 2019
Room 5
11:30 AM

CosmosDB - from zero to hero

Cloud and serverless architectures are constantly revolutionizing the way we build our applications to make them globally distributed and scalable at the extreme. CosmosDB is Azure's native cloud database and it is a real revolution in the way large-scale applications are designed: as a fully managed service, it is infinitely scalable, globally distributed worldwide and multi-model: it means you can request it as a SQL database, NoSQL or Graph in particular. In this session, we will delve deeply into the concepts inherent in CosmosDB. We will see with the help of a concrete case study how, taking these elements into account, we will rethink our model in order to achieve an optimal and constant level of performance on a basis of 1GB as 10TB.


Francois Simond

Technical Leader .NET/Angular, Versusmind

Tech Lead .NET/Angular @Versusmind depuis 2017, François aime VSCode, TypeScript et la grimpe

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Philippe Didiergeorges

CTO, Versusmind

CTO @ Versusmind, MVP Visual Studio & Dev. Tech. depuis 2016, et Co-Fondateur du MUG Strasbourg, Philippe adore les Bretzels, les hackathons et la bière.

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