Artificial intelligence, a new component of our society

Artificial intelligence, a new component of our society

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DevDay 2019
Room 1
8:40 AM

Artificial intelligence, a new component of our society

The potential impact of artificial intelligence and data science, both on the economy and on society as a whole, is now widely acknowledged. In order to best negotiate the shift in the digital revolution, companies must adapt at a pace they have never experienced before, while ignoring the myth surrounding the AI. However, at a time when specialists in the subject are still sorely lacking, the majority of them are helpless in the face of the transformations required by the new world in which we live, governed by concepts such as big data or robotization. So how can we tame, from both a structural and a human perspective, the drastic changes brought about by revolution 4.0, and what decisions can we take to navigate the era of "big data" as well as possible?

The objectives of this session are to (a) tame the terminology inherent in data science and artificial intelligence, (b) discover, through a few concrete use cases, how these methodologies are used in traditional business, and (c) demystify AI through an intuitive understanding of its fundamental theoretical bases and concepts.


Olivier Verscheure

Director, SDSC, EPFL & ETH Zurich

Olivier Verscheure, an expert in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, brings 20 years of professional experience in both research and team and scientific project management. After several years in New York and Dublin, where he ...

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